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"Sassy and poignant ... Ortiz a feisty force to be reckoned with."

                                                                          -- OffOffonline, Amy Krivohlavek

"Ortiz negotiates her material with grace and vigor."

                                                                          -- OffOffonline, Amy Krivohlavek

"Ortiz is a captivating performer, and her deep, husky voice frequently erupts into a sandpapery laugh that is both brittle and endearing. She is a weathered yet wistful presence, and her generous delivery has an undeniable undercurrent of danger. Ortiz—who went on to become a performer and a playwright—fearlessly harnesses the spirit of a powerful woman just this side of disaster."

                                                                          -- OffOfffonline, Amy Krivohlavek

"Deborah Louise Ortiz, an accomplished actor...deserves admiration and support."

                                                                          -- Back Stage, Nancy Ellen Shore

"Ortiz’s raw shamanic embodiment of the many-headed hydra of her earlier selves is a dazzling theatrical feat".

                                                                          -- Back Stage, Nancy Ellen Shore

"Deborah Louise Ortiz managed to turn a painful issue into a wonderful evening with her humor, her fabulous smile, and those dance moves! I heard toes tapping all around me. How wise of her production team to decorate the set with the simple clothesline and prop table. Deborah's choice of music could not have been more appropriate. Its upbeat nature helped make the entire story totally entertaining. This, in spite of the subject matter although that resolved itself well into an uplifting message, making us cheer for the triumph of this talented woman and wish for her continued success."

                                                                          -- Susan Laubach, PhD (Style Magazine)

About Dirty Laundry:

In Dirty Laundry, "Ortiz has created two multi-faceted characters capable of making you laugh and cry as they evolve into stronger females. This is an impressive debut by a new playwright."


"When two women with completely different lifestyles meet and bond while doing their weekly wash, it leads to lots of Dirty Laundry. Deborah Louise Ortiz has written a play with a heart and the results are both humorous and touching."
                                                                          -- Back Stage, August 23rd 2002

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